Thrax - Release 0.1

(Alpha version.)

Thrax - Release 1.0

  • Removed dependency on ICU for UTF8 string parsing: --with-icu configuration flag no longer needed and OpenFst library version 1.3.1 or above is required.
  • Function definitions may now be interleaved with the rest of the body in grammars.
  • Support for standard (tropical), log and log64 arc types (flag --arc_type).
  • --save_symbols flag to thraxcompiler allows for symbol tables to be stored in the compiled fsts. thraxmakedep supports --arc_type and --save_symbols flags.
  • StringFile function now supports construction of both acceptors and transducers. Strings may be compiled in byte or utf8 mode, or with a user-specified symbol table.
  • The --rule flag to thraxrewrite-tester is now --rules. Supports a comma-separated list of rule names, which are to applied in sequence to the input.
  • Project added as callable function.
  • Various optimizations to CDRewrite and elsewhere.
  • Fixed bug in how symbol tables are saved (1.0.1)
  • Fixed bug in treatment of symbol tables with StringFile
  • Adopted SET_FLAGS for better presentation of flag options
Thrax - Release 1.1
  • Added interface to pushdown transducer (PDT) functionality from OpenFst.
  • Added support for morphological paradigms and linguistic features.
  • Added assertion capability to allow for self-testing grammars.
  • Added readline support to thraxrewrite-tester to allow for inline editing and saving of histories.
  • Added thraxrandom-generator to allow one to generate random strings from a grammar.
  • Added more useful debug information --- grammar file name and line number --- to allow more one to find bugs in the grammar more easily.
  • Generated labels are now output in readable form by thraxrewrite-tester and thraxrandom-generator.
  • Generated labels (enclosed in "[]") may no longer be single-character.
  • Allow ASSERT_EQUAL declarations in the grammar.
Thrax - Release 1.2
  • Added interface to multi-pushdown transducer (MPDT) functionality from OpenFst.
  • Added interface to Replace class in OpenFst.
  • Adds --show_details flag to thraxrewrite-tester. When it is set and when multiple rules are specified, the tool will show the output of eachindividual rule. Useful when trying to find which rule caused a problem.
  • Raises a warning if more than one definition is given for a function.
Thrax - Release 1.2.1
  • AssertNull and AssertEmpty assertions added.
  • Minor fixes to use fully qualified names for std:: objects.
  • Rearrangement of the main compiler to have separate C++ files for each arc type.
  • Fixes potential bug in Replace implementation.
  • Algorithmic improvements to Optimize.
Thrax - Release 1.2.2
  • Compatibility release for OpenFst 1.5.2.
Thrax - Release 1.2.3 Thrax - Release 1.2.4
  • Makes "#" a comment character for StringFiles: anything from "#" to the end of the line is now a comment. If you want a real "#", escape it with "\".
  • Adds a RuleCascade to the library to make it easier to deal with the common construct of a cascade of rules. (Only relevant if you develop code using the Thrax libraries.)
  • Better error reporting for "cannot parse character" error.
  • Adds ":" as a bash-friendly alternative to "$" when specifying a (M)PDT/parens(/assignments) combination.
Thrax - Release 1.2.5
  • Better use of finalization in the implementation of built-in methods.
  • Cleanup to string parsing.
Thrax - Release 1.2.6
  • Adds an optional third column to stringfiles to represent weights.
  • Adds implementation of lenient composition.
  • Fixes some header issues that have popped up in recent versions of Debian.
Thrax - Release 1.2.7
  • Adds some more useful debugging errors (e.g. when user tries to reuse a namespace designator)
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