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OpenGrm Thrax Grammar Compiler

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 The resulting FST looks as follows: foo.png
Starting with Thrax 1.2.4, a "#" indicates a comment from that point to the end of the line. If you want a real "#", it should be escaped with "\".
  • Symbol Table: loads and returns the symbol table at the path specified by the string argument. Note that the indir flag (found in thrax/src/lib/flags.cc) is prepended (if possible) as the initial path in which the compiler searches for the resource.
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Starting with 1.2.4, ":" may be used in place of "$" to indicate pdt/parens pair, as a more bash-friendly alternative.

Multi-Pushdown Transducers

The MPDT extension

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 Output string: fungungus
Starting with 1.2.4, ":" may be used in place of "$" to indicate pdt/parens/assignments triple, as a more bash-friendly alternative.

Features and morphological paradigms

Thrax version 1.1.0 adds functionality for more easily handling linguistic

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