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Known Bugs

  • In thrax-1.0.2 there is a problem linking the binaries in src/bin on 64-bit linux. If you encounter this, please do the following:
    • Replace thrax-1.0.2/src/bin/Makefile.in with the version here.
    • Rerun configure in the top level Thrax directory
    • Rerun make
  • The final statement in an input grammar file needs to be syntax-error free. The parser dies mysteriously with no helpful debugging output if the last statement is poorly formed.

-- RichardSproat - 02 Apr 2012 \ No newline at end of file

  • Makefile.in: Makefile.in replacement for thrax-1.0.2/src/bin

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Makefile.in" attr="" comment="Makefile.in replacement for thrax-1.0.2/src/bin" date="1351167492" name="Makefile.in" path="Makefile.in" size="18503" stream="Makefile.in" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp2590" user="RichardSproat" version="1"
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