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OpenFst Library: Contributed and related projects

This TWiki topic is meant for hosting projects or links to projects using or related to the OpenFst Library.
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Projects/Contributions using the OpenFst Library

  • Baum-Welch: OpenFst library for Baum-Welch/expectation-maximization training and decoding (v. 0.2.9, compatible with OpenFst 1.7.3)
  • Categorical Semiring: Categorial semiring as described in Sproat et al. 2014
  • Specializer: Python library for attaching special matchers
  • Bash completions for OpenFst: Bash completions file to suggest flags and values
  • OpenFst for Windows: OpenFst library and command line tools for Windows compiled with Visual Studio.
  • OpenGrm Libraries: OpenGrm is a collection of open-source libraries for constructing, combining, applying and searching formal grammars including the NGram Library and the Thrax Grammar Compiler
  • UCAM-SMT: The Cambridge Statistical Machine Translation system
  • Kleene Language: Kleene is based on OpenFst but includes some features borrowed from the Xerox Finite State Toolkit; it supports Perl-like regular expressions, right-linear phrase-structure grammars, functions and rule-like notations

Speech recognition & synthesis

  • G2P conversion with OpenFst: Grapheme-to-phoneme conversion toolkit utilizing the OpenFst library
  • Kaldi: Kaldi is a toolkit for speech recognition written in C++ and licensed under the Apache License v2.0. Kaldi is intended for use by speech recognition researchers
  • OpenDcd: A lightweight and portable WFST based speech decoding toolkit written in C++, providing a set of tools for decoding, cascade construction and hypothesis post-processing

Related/Historical projects

  • FSM Library: a general-purpose software library for building, combining, optimizing, and searching weighted automata and transducers CLOSED
  • Lextools: a collection of tools for compiling high-level linguistic descriptions into weighted transducers CLOSED
  • DCD Library: software collection for decoding and related functions, designed for speech recognition and other applications. CLOSED


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